• Vintage Record Player with American Muscle Car Design - Collection Cars. Differentiate yourself and get our design turntable with speedometer, for lovers of American cars collection.

  • Simple design with a woody finish and pure modern style. Our new record player retains the classic vinyl playback features at 33, 1/3 and 45 RPM and the most modern. Includes MP3 function without needing a computer, directly to SD and playback from SD.

  • Complement your breakfast with delicious toasts through our toaster Lauson. You can make up to 2 large slices or 4 small ones, simple and for all types of occasions. It also has the latest cold touch technology to prevent burns during use and includes 6 levels of toast.

  • Have fun with our CD / MP3 player, listening to your favorite songs with this system of multi-colored LED lights.

  • Specially designed to mix and stir all kinds of food, including salad dressings, sauces and powdered products. Professional results. Crush any food no matter how hard it is. Quickly chop and whisk even ice with professional results.

  • Oil radiator offers a wide emission of heat in rooms. It produces heat silently, so you can keep it on while you sleep without disturbing it thanks to its low noise level. It incorporates handles and swivel wheels to facilitate transport from one room to another.

  • Record player with modern vintage 60s style design. It can be mounted with legs or without legs.

  • Simple and elegant horizontal design, complement your breakfasts with delicious toasts. You can make up to 4 slices, simple and for all kinds of occasions. It also has the latest cold touch technology to avoid burns during use.

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