MD208 Remote control settings


In case you have the program already installed you have to uninstall it before and then install this new version

* This software only supports with Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10 and later versions.

Software and installation

Please follow the steps below to download the Lauson MD208 code program:

1) Download the software in the following button and then an external download link will open:


2) Select a destination folder:

3) After saving the rar file. You must unzip it and you will get the software "Lauson Setup12132017:

4) After executing the file (run as administrator), the installation data will be extracted and then you must choose the default language

5) Read the warnings of usa carefully and then press "Next>". You must add a user, for example "name 123 and company 123".

6) Select the folder to store the program files and proceed with the installation. We recommend selecting the 3 icon options to be explained in the shortcuts section to facilitate the program search:

7) Check that the installation data has been selected correctly by sliding the right sidebar and press "Next>". Then the final file transfer process will be executed:

8) At the end of the installation check in your start bar if the program has been installed correctly. Before running the program, we recommend restarting the program through the "Yes, I want to restart my Computer now" option.

9) Once the installation is finished, run the program normally and proceed with the download of the desired codes:


  1. Connect the jack cable to the headphone output of your computer and at the other end the micro Usb to the remote control by first removing the battery cover.
  2. Insert two new batteries.
  3. Run the Lauson software you just downloaded, choose your device in device; TV, SAT, DTT, AUX, VCR ...
  4. Choose your brand and your model.
  5. Press and hold the [◄] and [►] keys for 3 seconds at the same time, the red LED on the remote will start to flash, with the model and brand already selected, press Download, the LED will flash rapidly and stop.
  6. Disconnect the USB cable and prove that the functions are correct, otherwise, follow steps 3 and 4 to find other codes.


  • When the [◄] and [►] keys are pressed 3 seconds at the same time, it has 30 seconds, if there is no Download, it will automatically exit.
  • It is important to make sure that the PC is not connected to a device using the HDMI (audio and video), since the HDMI could invalidate the 3.5mm Jack input.
  • If you couldn't find the exact model code in the model list, try putting spaces for example; Model KDL - 40 NX 500 or you can also try to find a similar one and check it. If you cannot find your model, please contact